The Darts Masters Edge

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The Edge.

There is a critical edge that distinguishes the winners from the losers, it is only a separation of centimetres, one or two points or just one touch .

To be the victor, this edge is the power that makes a champion, just an extra little bit of skill, mental toughness, focus or just plain persistence and it is found that it can be developed by dynamic training methods that have been researched and built into the coaching methods used by all of us in the coaching professions today.

In the past 40 years, mental techniques used by the Chinese and Japanese martial artists and then the Russian academies of sport have been reassessed and incorporated into the training of all sports.

Together with the research into the power of the imagination and visualization and the physical training and dietary requirements of the athletes they have been lifted to super levels.

This is what having the edge means, the achiever, the winner, the champion.

Now it is available to all, so just take the time to think what the possibilities will be if you have the roadmap to follow. In just 42 days, that is just 6 weeks you will transform into the sportsman or woman that you dreamed of being.

The reason why you are not where you want to be is because nobody has given you the guide that could take you to your goals.

In darts, you can reach very high standards by practicing hours and hours each day but if someone were to give you a shortcut to take you higher in a shorter timeframe and give you information which together with your own persistence could take you to the top.

Wouldn’t you take it ?

David Scott
Buxton & Scott Coaching

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