Jack B. Liverpool UK .
I had doubts that a written course could be any good but you have proved me wrong . I suddenly found I was winning against players who had always ' thrashed ' me in the past , I am now getting bigger scores and finishing better than I ever did , I am reviewing the mental training again as I didn't quite believe in it at the time but to improve so much with my doubts what will it be like now that I am a ' convert '

From Mark W.N. Mansfield Woodhouse , UK
I am into the 10th day of the mental training , in competition I always tended to be nervous and felt under pressure while at the oche . Two weeks ago I won my game without any problem with stress or nerves and since then I have not been bothered with pressure at all . Thanks for the good material.

From K.Yapp .U.K.
I saw improvements in my game after only one week , I couldn't believe it would happen so fast . I have been playing more or less at the same level for years until I thought I would give this a try , it is working better than I thought possible . Many thanks , you deliver what you promise .

K. Madely , UK.
I really enjoyed working through the course book and was amazed at the mental training exercises ,it has improved my throw and my enjoyment of the game immensely.

From B.M. Nelson , UK.
My playing was so inconsistent , I would play great one night and the next you would think I had never thrown before . After only one week I had settled into a steady throw that started me winning games . I am halfway through the mind training , I never thought I could play as well as this .

Alan T. from Crewe , Cheshire.
Great course , have improved my darts and getting better . Can't recommend it enough .

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