The Darts Masters Coaching Course

The Darts Masters Coaching Course 2010 Edition by Buxton & Scott - ©2010 Buxton & Scott

The Darts Masters Coaching Course by Buxton & Scott


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A practical training course which has been proved over the 3 years that it has been available to dart players all around the world , all this together with a staged , easy to use mind training course - this is the new 'holy grail' that all sportsmen and women are using to reach new heights in their sport and it is now there for you to take advantage of .

Course Information

This course takes you through every aspect of developing your physical and mental game, working through best practices on holding, aiming and throwing your darts to developing a winning mental attitude, taking your game to new heights over 6 weeks.

The Dart Masters Coaching Course is protected by copyright law. No part of the course can be replicated, copied or used for any purpose, without the express permission of Buxton & Scott.

Course Reviews

Bill from Leicester, UK
I read through the initial training and tried the methods shown. I didn't think they had worked but on the next game night we had a warm-up aiming for the bull and I managed to get three darts in the middle; this happened two days on the trot, something I had never done in my life before. My subconcious seems to have taken it in automatically without me knowing, so I'm sure the aiming methods you describe are the way forward. I'm also beginning to win games.

Noreen from New Zealand
The training course was absolutely great , the improvements really took off in around about 6 months my stats increased a lot and so did my outshots . I used to throw 180 about once in six months where now I hit at least one in every practice each day . My self confidence is now so high , Friday a week ago I was talking to Wynard Havenga ( the guy who beat Peter Manley 2 years ago in the Ladbrokes World Championships ) and he said my darts had improved tremendously . That night I managed to beat him in 4 games . My goal is to be no'1 in our national championships , I know I am on the way now thanks to your training . The mental training steps you advocate are very powerful , simply the best training I have ever had - incredible ! .

Peter from UK
I started seeing improvements at the end of week two going into week three . Before starting the course my averages were +/-58-59s . I am now already getting +/- 63-65 plus , this is only after 3 weeks , I have also had a couple of 14 darters and getting 100+ outshots on a more regular basis , thanks for a great course , will let you know how far I get in a few months time .

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