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How the course will take you forward

How can this course suit any standard of player?

Is this the only way to reach the top?

Are you saying this is the best alternative?

The mental training sounds hard, is it?

What if I have trouble understanding any part of the course?

So what are the main benefits to me?




FAQs - Frequently asked Questions

How the course will take you forward

The complete training takes you through all the steps, from your grip , stance , aim and throw together with all the tools to help such as a mirror , the eye to target positions with a breakdown of your throw to enable you to change any part that needs improving .Then you add to your practice the 21 to 28 day mental training exercises that build astronomically your skills .Back to FAQs

How can a course such as this suit any standard of player ?

You may be at a level where some of the sections won't apply so as with personal and practical coaching advice -- you skip the parts that you are up to scratch on and concentrate on the actions that you need to improve . This makes the comprehensive training suitable for the average player right up to the ' superleague ' player and beyond with the incorporation of the mental training .Back to FAQs

Is this the only way to reach the top ?

Of course this is not the only way to train for your darts , you can play and practice and improve as you go along but there are a few drawbacks in this -- it takes such a lot of time -- you tend to follow the example and style of your fellow players -- it tends to be down to luck whether you become a good all round player and the problem can be that you may slip into a faulty throw and you could stick at an average level and never improve no matter how you try .Back to FAQs

Are you saying that this is the best alternative ?

No , the best alternative is to employ a personal coach if you can afford this route , at this time you would pay around £80 an hour for a good teacher , also you would probably need three or four sessions to get the full benefit . If the cost is prohibitive then this type of course is the ideal alternative at around half the cost of an hourly rate . Plus you have the full six week course to use at any time . Back to FAQs

The mental training sounds hard , is it ?

The mental training is the easiest thing you can do , it is like watching your TV in a super relaxed way but with you as the central character , following the instructions in sequence for a session lasting aproximately 10 to 15 mins .Back to FAQs

What if I have trouble understanding any part of the course ?

We are at the end of your keyboard to help with any problems in understanding or direction with the course , you may not need it but we are always there at your side .Back to FAQs

So what are the main benefits to me ?

This coaching course makes you look at each individual section of your throw and allows you to improve any part that is not working efficiently , the point in all this is to make you automatically hit the area that you are throwing for --- whether it is the single , double or treble . To make you a more efficient dart player and give you the skills to win against any player you are drawn against .Back to FAQs

This is our promise to you

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