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Case Study: Iain Venn - Cornwall - England.

Stage 1 - Working through the Physical Aspects of playing Darts.

I have always been interested in playing darts but never got beyond throwing a few arrows on an evening at the pub; basically for a bit of fun.

I have a decent darts board in the kitchen and enjoy throwing a few darts to relax at the end of a working day.

Although I have been throwing darts for a few years now, I've always wondered why my throwing is so inconsistent. One minute I can throw a decent 100+, then I completely mess up and throw something ridiculous like a 7 or worse!

I am getting to the stage in my darts where I really want to improve and become a decent player, so I felt it would be worth taking on a proper training course.

After reading about the Darts Masters Coaching Course, I felt that for the money, it was well worth signing up for, especially as it had a 6 week structure to work through.

Being a bloke (I guess) I began scanning through the course to see whether I could pick up some quick tips (which I did) but I did find myself working through the course material to be absolutely sure I was following the advice correctly.

Once I worked through the material properly I was able to apply that to my throwing and it's given me a real structure for me to follow when throwing my darts.

Although I still have some work to do on my consistency, I am already seeing more 100+ scores and a few 140's and the odd 180!

Stage 2 - Working with Visualisation

As I progress through the course, I am able to generally hit within 1cm of where I am aiming each time and when you are achieving this, the course encourages you to move onto the next stage - working on the 'mind' training!

I don't have a lot of time to work through this, although I find it's a great way to fall asleep!

Although I need to work through all the mental training exercises, I can absolutely guarantee that they do work! Using a technique to 'visualise' those top scores or those important doubles - does work!

It's a shame that I don't always take the time out to do the mental training, but I can say that - when I do - the results are almost instant - I see the marked difference in my throwing and in my results.

It is my hope that I can really dedicate some quality time to completely understand and employ the principals in this course, because I realise it's critical to becoming a serious club player ( if that's what I ultimately choose to do - such is the ongoing committments! )

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