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Welcome to the original Dart Masters site, where you are given the methods that can improve your playing ability by as much as 500%

You are probably and quite naturally suspicious and thinking 'how can a training method like this work for me'? The following might surprise you.


The sessions in this course are purposely geared to run alongside your practice at the board so you can match the theory with your practice. This automatically brings into play the skills to take you up from your present standard.

This has been found to be the perfect way to improve what you have and to add new methods in a natural, relaxed series of sessions.

This is the ultimate training routine that gives you everything you need to reach the top.




You are given immediate, powerful, meaningful changes for your darts throw, just by following a few correcting guidelines that you learn in the first few pages of the info and this builds up with every session in the following days of your practice on the course.

We liken this to when you first started driving a car - you don't just jump in and drive off - you learn in small stages, until you become a proficient driver.

The steps in this training have never failed and you are guaranteed to fine tune your action until you throw your dart with a consistent integrated movement with the techniques that you will find in the daily practice sessions.

The best thing for you is that you will begin to see the results immediately.

Here's just a few of the contents you will find in the training:

  1. You will learn which eye you use and how to find your dominant aiming line
  2. How to practice with a mirror to clear any problems; where and how you stand at the oche
  3. The release point and how to find it for super accuracy and there are so many more guidelines to use
  4. How to give your throw absolute focus and concentration
  5. But the ultimate plus available for you is the subconscious mind training package - this is where the magic becomes real for you

The majority of dart players are practical (roll your sleeves up and go for it) types, so this course is an ideal partner for you with the steps lifting you to higher levels.

You will never again think 'is this as good as I'm going to get'?

When you have reached the higher standard set down in the course, you then move onto the brilliant and amazing visualising mind training sessions.

This is one of the first's in high performance darts coaching, where we have incorporated audio tracks. This makes it so easy to reach the necessary visualising stages to take your skills to the highest level available for you, whether it's the best in your league, the best in your country or the best in the world.

That is our aim for you. Is this what you want?

You will know the next time you see a sizzling performance from Phil, Wolfie or Barny, just how they do it, time after time.

You may not have known this, it is that mind training and visualising is being used in every sport these days; Manchester United, Chelsea, The Gunners - all have a sport psycologist on hand at all times. That is how the players can consistently reach such peaks of performance week after week.

I could go through a massive list of sports that are using the mind training to take them further than just physical practice would.

And now, you have that advantage for your Darts.

This is one of the most exciting programs available today for you and for your darts game, with it's simplified and graduated daily sessions, making it so easy to use and the results are mindblowing.

If you really want to improve your play and don't want to stay at being 'just average' anymore, then you have the solution in front of you.

Mind Training Testimonials

I am only halfway through the mind visualizing and my stats are going ballistic , I have had a 13 dart leg already,
hows that for a man who thought he had reached his best. My previous best leg was a 19 darter , I can't praise the methods enough , you have certainly converted me .

J. Fernough , Liverpool

The mind course is brilliant , I'm in my 40's and thought that was it and had reached my peak . I am now 100% better and still improving .

W. Durnsley , Cardiff

Below are a few more comments from players who have used the course -

This is from Bill P. from Leicester , UK

I read through the initial training and tried the methods shown . I didn't think that they had worked as I didn't feel any different but on the next game night, we had a warm-up aiming for the bull and I managed to get three darts in the middle, something I had never done in my life before, this happened two days on the trot . My subconscious seems to have taken it in without me knowing so I'm sure the aiming methods you describe are the way forward , I'm also beginning to win games which is brilliant for me .

From W. DeBent . Netherlands .

Well laid out , logical sequence , can't get over how well I am now playing and the mind training is something else -- this is the best I'm playing in my life and I'm in my mid 50s.

From Jonothan G. Yate Bristol .

Thanks for the great course , the mind training has really effected my game , I can see why the professionals are so brilliant now . Thanks for the back up on my queries .

This is from Noreen E. from N.Z.

The training course was absolutely great . The improvements really took off in around about 6 months, my stats increased a lot and so did my outshots . I used to throw 180 about once in six months where now I hit at least one in every practice each day . My self-confidence is so high , Friday a week ago I was talking to Wynard Havenga ( the guy who beat Peter Manley 3 years ago in the ladbrokes World Championships ) and he said my darts had improved tremendously . That night I managed to beat him in 4 games . My goal is to be number one in our nationals . I know I am on the way now thanks to your training , the mental training steps you advocate are very powerful , simply the best coaching I have ever had , incredible!

From B. Jones . Cardiff .

I've been playing darts for about 12 years and found myself getting stale and not winning many of my games . After only five weeks into your training it all seemed to click into place and I've won my last two games , one of the legs was an astounding 15 darter . best ever , Thanks again .

From Peter D.K. Woking U.K.

I started seeing improvements at the end of week two going into week three . Before starting the course my averages were +/- 58-59s . I am now already getting +/- 63-65 plus , I have also had a couple of 14 darters and have found my finishing more consistent and finding I am now beginning to hit 100+ outshots on a more regular basis . Thanks for a great course . I will let you know how far I get in a few months time .

Will it work for me ?

Everyone who has come back to us say that they have improved beyond their expectations, in fact one guy from the Stoke UK. area is now looking for sponsors with a view to turning professional , he said it was the mind training that gave him the incentive after boosting his game .

The steps in this training have never failed to lift the players by at least 100% in their game , give yourself one of the biggest gifts you can , the chance to be a winner . this information will change and transform your game dramatically .

On top of this is the mental training which is only just coming into the game of darts . This section is broken down into easy to work through Daily Exercises that will mentally put you into the winners and champions class .

Nowhere else can you find training like this , solely aimed at the game of darts and it is all there for you to take on board from the start .

You are probably thinking , just how does it work and the answer is so simple .

What mental training and visualisation do is program your automatic brain patterns to work at their peak efficiency to drive the physical actions of your body --- whether the legs of the runner , the arms of the weightlifter or the eye to hand co-ordination of the tennis player --- the golfer and now you , the dart player .

Everything to improve your game is used in the training to make you a better player . When your mental processes are trained up for your sport , the results begin to show almost immediately.

Do you want to be a winner and the best ?

If your thought is yes , give yourself the chance . With this knowledge and your own determination to get there . You most definately will .

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